General Consultancy Services

Agricultural Consulting

We offer consultations also in agriculture to government and organization in areas such as:
1. Rice farming
2. Farm exports
3. Cassava plantation
4. Plantain plantation
5. Cocoa Farming
6. Yam
7. Groundnut
8. Soya Beans
9. Animal husbandry

Tourism & Hospitality Consulting

We can confidently and conveniently help set up a tourist and hospitality attraction in your business or state, that will in turn generate revenue for your business to about 30%, change the narrative of your state, boost both local and international perception and increase your foreign earnings

Real Estate

We have a standing order of testimony in the built world. We have consulted and also branded top organizations like; America embassy, Chevron office Lekki, ShopRite etc.
Our core areas;
1. Painting & Branding
2. Building maintenance
3. Space management
4. Parking lot

Business Management Consultancy

 Business management consultants provide strategic, unbiased and objective advisory services which assist organizations in improving productivity and overall performance. A typical project will involve meeting with clients and researching and analyzing data, after which you will present recommendations to the clients and set a schedule for implementing improvements. Too exciting a career with revenue earnings.

Custom Built Software

We offer custom built software services both in web and mobile apps, to help automate the business process or to solve a particular service deficit we observe could be attended to with our custom built applications.
As part of our unbeatable services, we develop software application in ;
1. Real Estate tracking
2. Revenue Collection
3. School fees Collection
4. Restaurants & Hotel pre-order app
5. Rider

Business Plan Consultant

As a Business Planning Consultant, we are responsible for implementation and management of the business planning process for the Distribution Operations, Engineering & Transmission (DOET) of organization. We also provide services to the start-ups to craft a detailed business plan for operational benefits and to easier the process of arranging finance.

Business Startup Consultant

Business start-up consultants generally provide services specifically to the start up companies. We help in selecting right business idea, creating business plans, start up plans, financial projections, investor pitch decks, pricing, product specs/definitions/plans, marketing strategies and plans, sales strategies and plans, and company & product launching plans. All these is properly designed using our customize business model canvas (BMD).

We create affordable services and drive with seamless technology