Affordable Health Care

Affordable Medical Care

Our affordable medicare access called for all ”MY LIFE DON BETA” which has been test piloted in Lagos with over 500 enrollees in the past three year, gave us the assurance that any state government can plug into this, through partnership with us to revamp their health sector. Nigeria is recently ranked 187 out of 190 at the world global health ranking, with the highest number of children living with HIV/AIDS. MY LIFE DON BETA gives everyone access to cheap medicare at just ₦100 daily for individual and ₦200 daily for a family of 6

Population Checks and Control

The technology upon which our healthcare solution is deployed, will give each state or community the opportunity to have an understanding of their population, which in turn will help them put it under check or control. Our robust blockchain technology solution, will afford the ministry of health, ministry of information and the office of the Governor the real time information about the health sector, to afford them to create the proper structure to attend to other important situations that may not be covered under our scheme

Revenue Generation

Part of our services as a consulting firm is to also help in generating revenue as the case may be. Any state that runs our affordable health scheme for all their informal sector is expected to get 20% of what is collected daily goes into IGR for such state, without jeopardizing the essence of the program. This will further help such state Government to plan and actualize some projects with the extra cash flow coming through our business model such as payment of the new minimum wage, funding he newly discussed state police etc

Blockchain Technology

Our web-portal called the cerebrum, is developed on a blockchain technology to provide instant access to information as at when needed. The information could be retrieved and acted upon. The web-portal gives updated information and the integrity cannot be tampered with. With this, you are sure to get an accurate information per time that you can act upon

Robust Partnership with Top Notch HMOs

Our partnership with top notch HMOs around the country gave us the assurance that very qualitative health care service will be provided everywhere we launched. Also, there is serious process auditing system put in place to check the excesses of any partner in any way. So the system is designed with the partners to give the best of healthcare service as it is obtainable anywhere in the world employing best practices

Micro Credit Facilities for SMEs

The criticality of our model is to create micro-credit facilities for all individuals who have small businesses to draw from, to grow their businesses, this idea is looking beyond health. Two commercial banks have been saddled with the responsibility of profiling the SMEs and disbursing to individuals. This on its own, will bring about employment of some sort in that sector and like the saying, a little drop of water makes the ocean.

Births & Mortality Control

Nigeria is among the few countries in the world with high mortality rate, our platform helps to properly document the actual number of births and mortality. Our problems in the past has been inability to lay our hands on data to allow us make informative decisions, this is exactly what will be achieved under our affordable health care program.

Business & Employments Opportunities

Our business model tagged MY LIFE DON BETA creates opportunities for job employments for graduates and residents in any state our scheme is launched. The scheme can conveniently employ about 50 graduate per  LGA

Business & Investment Opportunities

Part of the opportunities that our business is bound to create is business and investment opportunities. Our model create cash liquidity into the society which in-turn increase the  standard of living of the people and their disposable income which allows for new businesses and investment opportunities in the economy

We create affordable services and drive with seamless technology